Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is West Coast Swing?


It's an increasingly popular and international couples dance based on the Lindy-Hop that started in California, hence "West Coast" Swing. There's lots of improvisation and styling (my favorite part), and it's super engaging to watch. Some dancers are incredibly athletic.


Do I need to have previous dance experience to West Coast Swing? (aka "What if I suck?")


No, but any kind of previous dance experience, even if it was a long time ago or you weren't all that "good" is helpful. I've also learned that those who've played musical instruments seem to catch on to timing quicker. Some people just catch on quick too.


Waaaah! Why haven't you interviewed me?


This is probably due to bad timing. I've crossed paths with several who were well intentioned but too busy to chat at whatever event we're at. I totally understand. In case you're curious, I prefer interviewing minorities/marginalized populations and Champions (both = bonus) and those who are super approachable/positive/fun, etc. If I really like something about the way you dance/teach, you're definitely on my list. However, if you have a unique tip, a funny story, or a fabulous video clip (etc.) to share please email me; there will be a section for such things in the near future. Better yet, invite me to your event! Note: my goal is to publish helpful things that are not already out there or that only a few know about.


So how do I contact you, missy?


Have feedback, suggestions, or a gentle critique? Please be nice. There is enough stress and hate in the world already, and I might not respond if you're a Meany. Please email me if you want to help me improve.


Will you just take my money already? (Can I advertise something/offer sponsorship(s)?)


While this site was not created to earn income (I'm a writer and a teacher and wanna use those specific skills to help others), I don't hate the idea, and am happy to discuss options with potential WCS-related partners. Please email me for more information.