My Story


I've always loved dancing and can't help but move when I hear music with a great beat, regardless of where I'm at. (My older sister Valerie still scolds me when I do this when we're out shopping somewhere.) This journalist-turned-professor-turned-blogger used to be a regular night clubber paid to dance on tables and bartops to help inspire others to get on the floor. After a break from dancing for typical life reasons such as motherhood, I was invited to a West Coast Swing social dance event by my friend Sara in 2018 and that's when I became intrigued with this unusual and addictive dance style. (By the way, the beautiful dancer on this page is NOT me. I wish!)



Why I do this


I blog for the love of dance and want to share this love with you! I couldn't have imagined how much joy dancing West Coast Swing brings into my life; and who doesn't need more joy? Most of my leads comment on my permanent smile while we dance because I just can't help but be happy in the moment. So. Much. Fun! 


Why you should read my stuff


I think everyone should know more about West Coast Swing Things, whether you dance or not. Although I'm no expert, writing on this site stems from recurrent topics no one seems to be discussing and from patterns I've noticed in conversations with other Westies that seem to go unexplored. My hope is that you find my writing interesting and helpful, and if nothing else, entertaining. Who doesn't need more fun to break up our daily routines? Who doesn't need more art in their life? (I could go on, but I won't.) I also write to learn from you, and plan on continuously growing by including polls, sound bytes, and podcast(s), etc.



Your Friend, 


Doc Malin